Features of Good Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS software is designed to enhance mobile marketing by sending bulk messages via the internet from your PC. This software sends anonymous text messages though the Bulk SMS Sender getaway that ensures high SMS delivery rates. You will only need to register for the program Bulk SMS Sender by filling a simple form and access this effective marketing service. The program is versatile and extremely easy to use.

Main Features of Bulk SMS Software

  • The software is designed to enable sending single or mass messages directly from your laptop or PC.
  • It has the ability to specify alphanumeric sender names. You can send the SMS from a phone number or any other name such as MSN, Notification, Delivery or Special Offer.
  • Bulk SMS Sender control panel provides detailed delivery reports including statistics of your SMS messages.
  • It has an option for account balance checking.
  • It features an incredible option that allows the user to start bulk messaging upon turning on windows.
  • You can easily copy and later distribute the mass texting program to other computers.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Software

  • It has an extremely easy-to-use and also convenient interface
  • It has two interfaces the professional and the lightweight interface
  • The program is easy to install and make any configuration. You just easily register and then login using your username along with the password. In just some few minutes, you are able to send messages through the Bulk SMS system. It allows you to run your messages easily and organize your SMS campaigns.
  • The program is usually free; the only payment you make is for the sent SMS messages.
  • It also allows you operate under a defined schedule with options for dates and also time limitations.


Bulk SMS Sender is an effective solution for your mobile marketing strategy. You can easily send messages to different numbers by registering for the program.